Embrace the Unknown

Embrace the Unknown is not my go to thinking, I’m a planner, need to know what to expect kind of person. So getting this new diagnosis for our youngest has left us anxious and worrisome of the future.

They rely on each other and our hopes of them being good friends and being close is what we strive for. We need them to love and respect each other and be the for each other especially later in life. We are older parents and we want to be comforted by knowing they actually like each other as siblings and will have each other’s backs.

Bibi and KK (nick names) do almost everything together, although they are 3+ years apart it still works. KK helped Bibi lots in social situations and they give confidence to each other, they are both on the spectrum but have opposite strengths and weakness but put them together and they are solid. So we can see why they can be there for each other.

What has become hard since finding out last week that KK is also Autistic is we can no longer sit in the comfort of relying on KK to be the support for Bibi. Our anxiety and worry of the “what if” thinking has creeped its way back into our thinking. My husband is taking it the hardest, now the pressure of getting finances, health and all that comes with helping your Autistic child transition into adulthood has now doubled.

Why we go there mentally I’m not sure, because the day before we found out the diagnosis, we didn’t worry, we see how they navigate and work hard in coming to understanding who they are, working hard in their therapies or intervention, all things we had in place before we heard the word Autistic for KK.

So time to come to terms, accept, plan and move on. Negative thoughts will only bring negative results.

About invisiblegeneva

Invisible Illness is new to me, so here is my personal journey while I navigate this new world.
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